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Celebrity Who’s Who: The Vapers

Celebrities are great influencers, whether they are great singers or popular movie actors or actresses. Just make them do or wear something and you will see their fans following suit. Faithful fans enjoy following everything that their idols do, wear, say, read, eat, etc. Today you can hear names like Michael Jackson Smith, or Justin Bieber Fernandez, and this is just because the parents are such great fans of these celebrities.

Today, this phenomenon is also seen in vaping. Today, many celebrities are smoking e-cigarettes in public. This is how influencer marketing works yet these celebrities are not even asking to market them; they simply vape, and vaping becomes popular. Amazing! The trend in vaping is the result of celebrity following.

And who are these celebrities who have made vapid the coolest trend today? Below are the most popular celebrity vapers today.

Leonardo di Caprio wins the title celebrity vaper of all time as people all over the world have seen him vape. Photos of Leonardo di Caprio is almost always showing the actor vaping. it is not only endorsement through pictures, but he is actually encouraging people to vape. People have tagged di Caprio as “The Vaping Boss of Hollywood” and the “Vape Icon.” IN the SAG awards he has been seen vaping, but it did not lead to good consequences.

Tom Hardy is another celebrity vaper. Tom Hardy is best known for his roles in movies such as The Dark Knight Rises and Peaky Blinders. One thing about Tom is that he is always seen in his famous appearances with an e-cigarette in his hands.

Another celebrity that has contributed to the vaping trend is Katherine Heigl. She was very vocal about her support for e-cigarettes in one of her guest appearances in the David Letterman show. In a way she is telling tobacco smokers to stop smoking and try vaping. When she mentions about the different flavored e-juices, Letterman himself was encouraged to try it on live TV.

There are millions of people today who are die-hard fans of Katy Perry. She has hundreds of millions of followers on social media. Her every move is noticed by these followers. She was spotted vaping at the Golden Globe awards and what followed next is obvious.

Who said vaping is only for the young? Jack Nicholson has defied this expectation. He actually enjoys vaping himself at his age, early 80’s. With an e-cig in his mouth, he is coolest old cat around. So, if you are someone as old as Mr. Nicholson himself, then why not try it out?

These are the celebrities who have set the vaping trend. Many don’t enjoy vaping but who cares? As long as your favorite stars do, then you should take up vaping too.

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