Common Ankle Injuries Seen in Sports

In sports, one of the most frequently reported injury sites is the ankle. Ankle injuries are extremely common in sports and account for nearly half of the injuries reported. It doesn’t matter whether an athlete is running on an uneven pavement, jumping and landing the wrong way, or absolutely nothing happens at all, they happen. Since our ankles are used so much in our daily lives, an injury can be excruciatingly painful.

Understanding Ankle Injuries

By understanding the most common types of injuries, you will be able to properly care for it and reduce the amount of time you spend suffering from the agony associated with it. Your specialists in ankle sports injury haymarket va want you to be prepared to treat any injury right away.


The most common ankle injury suffered from is a sprain. While this may seem pretty straight forward, there is more than one type of sprain. The first type is called an inversion sprain, the second type is called a high ankle sprain.

The primary cause of an inversion sprain is having the ankle turn inward. This can be caused by stepping in a hole or rolling your ankle from a misstep. A high ankle sprain is not as commonly seen. This type of sprain is caused by the ankle turning outward, which is difficult to achieve. Another common type of ankle injury is a fracture. A fractured ankle is not as common as a sprain, but it is more severe.

Ankle Injury Symptoms

There are a lot of ways you can tell if you have injured your ankle. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel right, while other times it is extremely painful. If you have an ankle injury, it may also become swollen and bruised. It may also hurt when you are walking. If the pain is too severe, do not try to walk on your injured ankle.

Cause of Ankle Injury

It does not matter what sport you play; ankle injuries can happen. Ankle injuries are most prominent in basketball but happen in every sport that involves jumping. The reason ankle injuries occur in sports that involve jumping is that sometimes, when a person lands, they land with their weight primarily on the outside of their foot. This causes the ankle to roll abnormally inward, causing damage to the ligaments on the ankle’s outside.

Preventing Ankle Injuries

The best way to prevent an injury to your ankle if you play sports is make sure your muscle has properly healed from any previous injury and strengthen it. After an injury, wearing a brace, or taping the injury site can help provide support until your ankle has regained its strength.

Physical therapy after an injury can also be very helpful in preventing a recurring injury from happening. Through skilled training, a physical therapist will show you how to strengthen your muscles to prevent future injury.

Any time you have an ankle injury, you should immediately place ice on the injury site, and wrap it with a compression bandage. This will prevent the swelling from becoming too severe, and it will apply pressure to help relieve the pain. The compression bandage can also provide the valuable barrier between the ice pack and your skin, which is extremely important.