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A Guide to Understanding More about The Vampire Facial

Another name for the vampire facial is platelet-rich plasma treatment. This article is going to help you discover more about vampire facial.

Kim Kardashian made vampire facial famous on Instagram. Every day, the average American woman can spend up to about $8 on their face. It is important you know that the vampire facial is not for those who are faint at heart. A set of microdermabrasion procedures that are done by a plastic surgeon is what is known as vampire facial. It is your blood that helps to stimulate and newer and younger looking skin. One of the initial stages of the vampire facial process is that blood is drawn from a part of the body such as the arm. The blood then goes through a centrifuge which is a machine that can isolate the platelets from the other components of the blood which is a process that takes a short-term. The next step involves the isolation of platelets from the rest of the constituents of blood within about 10 minutes. Dermabrasion on your face is then done so that to trick your body of a potential injury. When all is said and done, the platelets will form on your injured skin and help restore the tissue of your face so that you have a more youthful looking skin.

The pain that results from the vampire facial process is going to be dependent on your pain tolerance level which means that for some people it might be painful and for others not. By numbing your face, the doctors are going to effectively make the process to be less painful unless the needle hits an area which is not completely numb.

The healing time after the vampire facial process also varies and will majorly depend on the sensitivity of your skin. Some people will achieve the results within one or two days while others are going to experience a lot of discomfort and itching after the vampire facial. It is advisable that if you want to keep the swelling away from you, that you should use anti-inflammatory oral medication or a lotion prescribed by the doctor that is scent-free. Not unless you have clotting or other blood disorders, then vampire facial procedures will not have any problems in you. It is important to note that the cost of the vampire facial treatments are going to be dependent on your doctor and also on where you stay. The frequency of the vampire facial procedures should be at least once a month so that you avoid a lot of bruising and other issues. If you are interested in discovering more about vampire facial treatments that you can use, click here.