Partial or Total Veneers Brings Out Smiles

Are your teeth extremely yellowed, stained, or crocked? Are your teeth good but you are not happy with their appearance? You may want to look online for any dentist that does something like  so, you will have permanently whitened teeth that allow a perfect smile every time.

Veneers are thin porcelain that fits over each of your teeth. The dental specialist cements the veneer to the tooth permanently presenting a perfect tooth. Veneers permanently mask the color and shape of your tooth.

Veneers is an individual choice that has individual and unique outcomes. Everyone has different smiles and mouth shapes, so your veneers are not going to be exactly like someone else. Veneers are customized to fit you. Ask to see a portfolio of before and after work on other patients. Ask to see photos of work several years later to see how the veneers stand up to time. Veneers last up to 20-years if you take good care of them.

Experienced Cosmetic Dentist Look at all Characteristics

An experienced cosmetic dentist will interview you and consider a lot of issues before making your veneers. Considerations such as your overall personality. Your facial expressions and how you smile and functionality of the veneers in your mouth.

Veneers is in the Category of Cosmetic Procedures

The goal of an experienced cosmetic dentist is not to change your facial structure with veneers. The dentist strives to maintain your characteristics perfectly. Another thing to consider is your skin tone. Are you considering any cosmetic procedures on your face? If so, be sure to talk about this with your dentist. The one thing that you probably want a Sharpe white color. However, the exceedingly white teeth advertised today, and everyone yearns for is not a normal teeth color. The color of natural teeth is a grayish-white or yellowish-white color.

The Process of getting Veneers

This process does not mean that every tooth in your mouth must have veneers. If you have a few teeth that do not look good, you can have veneers to cover up their appearance. Having every tooth covered with veneers can be costly. Review your finances and budget to make sure you can afford a set of complete or partial veneers wichita ks.

The process by which you get perfect veneers is through the dentist making a temporary set of veneers. The dentist checks to see if the temporary set fit with your facial characteristics. At this point, the dentist can make adjustments. You will have a series of x-rays, molds, and photographs taken so the final set of veneers are perfect for you.

Veneers are Costly-Review Total Costs and Budget

Veneers are costly and may range from $900.00 to $3,000 and more per tooth. Some cosmetic dentists charge a bit over $4,000 per tooth. Most dentist offer payment plans on financing for veneers. The total cost depends on if you get partial or a full set of veneers. Your natural teeth are not removed.