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Millennial Moms: What are they Up To These Days?

If you believe on the spreading news that cannabis users are mostly teenagers, then you probably you are misinformed. According to a recent study, the new-aged parents are likely to use weed than teens in this modern-day world. And what’s more, these groups of people are specifically professional millennial females, having a stable job, and surprisingly, mothers!

Do not be so naive! Basically, there are two forms of marijuana that exist – the recreational marijuana and the medical marijuana. Fingers crossed, the second type of marijuana are the items that are appealing to a lot mothers out there. Who can blame them anyway? Despite of the negative connotations of using marijuana, medical marijuana are said to be best for the wellbeing of any one including mothers. Insomnia, depression, and anxiety, are just some of the things that this medical weed can battle. Rather than consuming alcohol to sleep or using prohibited substances to battle depression, why can’t we use cannabis?

Nonetheless, taking marijuana even for medical reasons must be taken with caution and so, enough research must be carried out. We all have the advantages of the internet so we will know which products are best to use. But anyway, here are some of the popular marijuana products that many marijuana moms find very helpful these days.

1. CBD Oil

These marijuana products are not necessarily part of the food served by mothers for their families though some types can be feasible too. Cannabidiol or simply CBD, is a powerful component in cannabis plant that are medically beneficial based on scientific studies.

Getting high is not possible in this product unlike those that have plenty of THC (one more marijuana substance) In fact, many states in the US legalize the use of CBD oil showing additional proof of its safety.

2. Marijuana-containing Beauty Products

Discover more the power of marijuana! Don’t you think moms love to stay beautiful? As real as the sunrise, aging is a sure thing! But you can always delay the process of aging through marijuana-infused products. And even more, cannabis skin and beauty products are great for skin allergies, acne, and other problems of the skin. This may be available in various forms such as lotion, salve, cream, and many more.

Cannabis Teas

Experts say that green tea are healthy, but cannabis teas, well it is going to be the best! Taking marijuana tea helps you relax from your tiresome day. Indeed, a happy, non-stress out mom is the light of the family, and on the other hand, a stressed out mom, well, you can just imagine how dark it is! So, for the mom’s out there, why won’t you try marijuana teas? After all, it’s for your family’s benefits.