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Some Weird Hair Removal Methods

People in ancient civilizations had their own ways of removing unwanted hair and if modern people will har about it, they will surely label their ancestors as weird. Below are some of the popular methods of removing hair in ancient times.

People in the ancient world used rocks to remove their unwanted hair which will make people of our day cringe at the thought. In ancient Egypt, women used pumice stone to remove underarm and leg hair by rubbing them off. Men trimmed their bears by using sharp stones. Tweezer-like clamshells were found in Egyptian tombs and were believed to also be used for hair removal.

The use of arsenic is the most dangerous of all hair removal methods. The make the hairs disintegrate by using a mixture of arsenic and quicklime. Any area where you want to remove unwanted hair has to be smeared with this solution. When the skin feels hot, you should wash it with hot water quickly so your flesh don’t come off.

Chinese people, for a time believed, that altering any part of the body would bring bad luck. There were no ancient hair removal methods for the Chinese.

Another weird method of removing hair is hair threading. In this method, two pieces of thread are used to remove the hair. This involves a hair threader that is used to pull out the hay twisting the two threads around the hair. This method of removing hair is very precise and this is why those who want to shape their eyebrows can use this method.

Just like us, ancient people use wax to remove their unwanted hairs, but they have a weird method of getting wax. Before, women had to find beehives and remove the honey, melt down the honey and use it to remove unwanted hair.

In ancient Egypt, they are used sugaring as a method of hair removal. A combination of sugar, water, and lemon juice melted together forms a hot paste. This is placed on the hair just like wax and removed with a cotton cloth.

Hair on the face was removed and this was considered fashionable in England before. To prevent hair from growing, faces of children will be rubbed with a rub compound made from walnut oil and ammonia.

You can also prevent hair growth on your face by rubbing feline feces.

Mesopotamians used typical methods for hair removal and they created the first recorded shaving cream. They rub wood alkali over a man’s beard and let it sit before shaving him. Leftover ash from a wood fire is what wood alkali is and it is said that this substance has softening qualities.

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