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The Future of Cloud Computing

About a decade years ago, there were no cloud servers for businesses and consumers at all. There were accessible servers, nonetheless, but the whole thing about cloud computing is an advancement by its own. In about three years, the number of cloud providers went up from zero to about 550, 000 providers. It is worth noting that many people entered the world of cloud computing from simple servers.

It is worth noting that now, cloud computing is omnipresent, all over the world. Most people don’t even think twice about storing and accessing data on the internet. This signals that a lot more will happen soon regarding cloud computing.

Cloud technology will not disappear any time in the future with this great enthusiasms by many people, we will not expect any reduction in this cloud computing technology. Cloud computing technology will develop more just like the internet and computing technology. Technology is developing day in day out and every time, something big is built from the created systems. There are technologists who are out to learn more on various technological advancement and they keep building new things.

There are a lot of things that cloud has done than we had dreamed of. But one area that is more advancing is the realm of the independent machine. So many decades of years ago, there was no thought of machines being more conscious and with a high ability that us. We are really approaching the long-awaited time of machines where there will be the total independence of machinery.

The faster rise in the internet of things has been a hot topic for a few years now. Business owners can reach out to customers as they market their products, brands and services even at the comfort of their own. Today, it is simple to connect devices and create local network of things. It is possible to build incredible machine learning algorithm that can possibly sort through massive stores of data. This advancement in machine to machine interactions are being made and in the future, there will be more things coming.

In the past years, we used to store most of our data on local drives and tapes. It doesn’t mean that local services were worst when operating as it could be faster at times than cloud services. This is true depending on which network and service you are working with. Storing your data on a close by system will ensure that it will be easier and faster to access. There is an important need for the quickest data storage and analysis system that will enable one to deal with an internet of things.

Handling a lot of network load when all the devices we use daily are connected together can be so hard to work with. If this would have been done, it would have made the network speed terrible but with time, there will be a building of a better system, a semi-local edge computing.