The Importance of Proper Foot Care

Many people have foot ailments that arise at some point in their lifetime. While some of these issues can initially seem insignificant, many foot related problems can get worse over time. The feet carry a bulk of the body’s weight during movement. Therefore, a lack of proper foot health can impair a person’s walking capability.

Understanding the Foot

Each human foot has a total of twenty-six bones. In addition, each foot also has thirty-three joints and one hundred and seven ligaments throughout their structure. In addition, each foot also has nineteen different muscles and tendons that support healthy movement along with a multitude of nerves and blood vessels.

The care and health of feet is usually managed by a primary doctor. However, in the event of an injury, genetic disorder or disease problem occurs a specialist called a podiatrist is recommended for treatment plans. Locally for people who are suffering from any type of foot ailment, patients can get great care from any top podiatrist pasadena md has to offer its residents.

Because of the complexity of the human foot and the vast amounts of components, it is easy to see how an injury can readily occur. Putting this in perspective, the fifty-two bones in both human feet equals twenty five percent of the body’s total bone count. It should not be surprising to note that is also one of the biggest areas of bodily injury.

However, the feet are a relatively small part of the human body. Because of this, many people tend to ignore the vast importance they can play on overall health. It usually isn’t until something goes wrong with one or both that people often begin to acknowledge their importance to health and lifestyle.

Foot Health and Mobility

Even simple injuries to the feet can impair overall health if left unattended. Much of this is from the correlation of the foot to the whole body. Problems in the feet can affect a person’s gait and posture and both have a significant affect the health of the spinal cord and back.

If foot injuries or ailments are left without proper treatment, long term health can deteriorate in a wide variety of ways. Aside from the pain and difficulty that patients experience with feet ailments, one of the biggest concerns is the injury’s effects on overall patient mobility for walking.

People that are unable to walk properly tend to get less exercise. When this occurs, people can lose their motivation to be active on a regular basis. A lack of exercise and mobility is widely known to increase the risk for a wide variety of health problems.

This includes Increased risks for:

• Heart Disease
• Stroke
• High Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Circulatory Disease
• Blood Clots
• Muscle Atrophy
• Spinal Misalignment

Each of these health problems can carry some significant life altering consequences. However, in many cases, an increase in regular exercise can reduce the long-term risk of these ailments and diseases. While exercise alone is not the only cause or cure for many of these diseases, lack of exercise can create and exacerbate them. That is why the health and well-being of each foot is significant.