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Skin Facts You Need To Know About

When you look at a person, the general part of the body that you can see is the skin, but you pay less attention about how the skin functions and aware of exactly how significant it is.

Take a peek over these simple information that can help you understand your skin better now and have a better perception about it.

The skin is actually the largest organ of the body where if you will measure its blood cells all over it will be up to 11 miles in total. In the overall weight of a person’s body, 16 percent of that is the skin and its coverage is about 18 square feet for an average person but will be up to 25 square feet for taller ones.

There are three different layers of the skin, the inner part as the subcutis, the middle part as the dermis that is 90 percent of the overall skin thickness, then that which is visible to the eyesight which is the epidermis being the top layer. Acne, is considered to be the most prominent and common skin disorder all over the world, it is not anyhow threatening and can be medically treated with products and medications especially for severe acne but for most it is left to heal by itself.

Nutrition is very essential for the skin, hence it is important to keep it healthy and hydrated, and feeding it with proper nutrition all the time to make it vibrant and you can get more info on how to maintain nutrition for the skin. The decrease of collagen can cause the skin to age, this in most cases, at the age of 20 the process of aging starts but you can discover more ways in order to slow the process of aging, in the like of taking vitamin c and many more.

Skin’s thickness may differ from all over the entire body, the thinnest part is the eyelid, and the thickest part is at the feet.In an average 24 hour period, the skin sheds about 1 million skin cells, and that can be about 8 pounds in every year making you wonder where it all goes, but technically, that is the dust that you see everywhere around you.

Like many other organs in the body, it is important that proper care is given to it to ensure that it functions accordingly, because even if the skin renews itself, still it will be life-threatening if some serious conditions are being not looked after carefully, so read more on how you can care for it well.