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Everything You Must Know About Off-Page SEO

So, you have perfected the metas you used for SEO, you are posting brand new content week after week and your site has good link structure. What’s unfortunate is, after executing all these things, you are still not in the ranking you wish to be. You are probably wondering why. There’s no doubt that this issue is making you scratch your head.

As much time and energy that marketers are spending to build their site, some effective SEO strategies are actually happening elsewhere. And it is in the form of off-page SEO. In the event that you are not aware about this, I suggest that you keep on reading.

The practices mentioned above like posting good and informative content, writing keyword friendly metas as well as adding internal links, all of these are considered to be on-page SEO tactics. In other words, they’re SEO practices that you need to do on your website. However, when talking about off-page SEO, this includes SEO strategies that take place not on your homepage but on other areas. As much effort as you invest in your own site, you have to accept the fact that some of the metrics that make big impact to your SEO are happening from afar.

There are a number of common strategies for performing off-page SEO actually. As you read the next lines, you are going to discover more.

Number 1. Backlinks – backlinks for your site is the link to your home page coming from another place on the web. As an example, you might be running an store online about outdoor equipment. An adventurer or blogger posted their favorite finds for the current season and they’ve included a link in their post that points back to your site, that’s called the backlink.

Number 2. Social media – considering the amount of time your audience is spending on social media, you know already how such wonderful source it is. Actually, this can be a big advantage to boost your SEO strategies and efforts. If you have good social media presence, you can generate more traffic to your website. Needless to say, you have better chances of having your site appear on search engines it more people are checking it out.

Number 3. Review sites – there are many review sites online that can function as a good platform for doing off-page SEO. Truth is, these review sites are very powerful in terms of providing backlinks and increasing traffic to your page. However you have to know that you should build your name and reputation among consumers to get this done.