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All There is to Know About Termites

The problem of termites is certainly something that can turn out to be severe, and across the country, it is known that they are able to cause damage that amounts to great expenses annually by homeowners. When you first notice termites, you might not really worry very much, as these creatures are tiny, and you might not think that they look at all threatening. As time passes, however, one might realize that the problem is serious, and that it is very hard to get rid of termites once they have spread throughout the interior of the house. If you notice that there are termites in your house, then, the first thing that you should do is to determine what kind they are, as there are some termites that stand out from among the others as really deadly to the well-being of a house.

One very dangerous type of termite that homeowners should watch out for are dry wood termites, or termites which normally feed on dry wood. One might be surprised to find out that these termites can extract moisture from the driest wood, and they do not need any other kind of water source to survive. These termites are dangerous because they can destroy any source of dry wood in a building, whether it is walls, doorways, furniture, and so on.

A second type of termite that a homeowner should be aware of is the subterranean termite – this type of termite usually lives in huge colonies which can be found under the ground. These termites have very sharp jaws, and can easily chew down any kind of wood, making them some of the most dangerous termites today. One should call pest control services the moment he or she notices these kinds of termites, as when they are ignored, they will grow and eat up the foundation of the home, causing it to crumble, which can actually bring down a whole house over time!

Last but most deadly of all of the species of termites today is the Conehead termite – originally, these termites were called tree termites, but their name changed because, obviously, they do not only live in trees, but thrive in any wooden surface. You should really beware when you find this specie of termite, as it is known to spread very fast, and destroy the environment so that your property will be of no value very quickly.

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